About us

Parfum Joseph


Mission : La maison Parfum Joseph’s a is to be number 1 in Canadian fragrances.
The company’s philosophy : To create perfumes based on strong values and authenticity.
• We believe that we should « go back to the basics » of a perfume. A fragrance describes our personality, who we are and what we let off.
• As Montrealers, Canadians and North-Americans, we should have an iconic fragrance (like Chanel is to Paris)
• We strongly believe in and support women empowerment.

In 2012, Erby Joseph asks his nose (perfume creator) to fabricate a perfume that represents the modern woman.
” Women changed, they play different roles in the current of a day, all while keeping their feminity “.
Having understood this reality, Mr. Joseph created two fragrances: Reflet for daytime and l’Autre moi, for night time. One of the industry’s main problems is that it hasn’t evolved in the last few years; therefore not keeping up with modern women’s reality. A contemporary women is smart, a seductress, sophisticated, but mostly independent and self-ruling. Her perfume MUST reflect this reality.